Chapter 12

Servlets and RMI



Universal TeacherServlets are Java classes that are loaded and executed by a web server. This chapter shows an example in which a servlet invokes remote methods.

The source code needed for this example is stored in the examples\ServletsandRmi directory. The "ServletsandRmi" directory contains the following files:

  • Client.html
  • Compile.bat
  • Rmicompile.bat
  • RunServer.bat

To run this example you need the following:

A web browser
Java Web Server

The Server Interface

The ServerHandlerInterface defines a method that takes a string object (name of the user) as its argument and returns a small message.

Listing 12.1

import java.rmi.*;

//server interface
public interface ServerHandlerInterface 
	extends Remote{
	//This method gets the name of the user.
	public String servletTest(String name)
		 throws RemoteException;


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