Limitations of Simulation

  • A good simulation model may be very expensive. Simulation often requires a significant amount of computer time and is therefore expensive.
  • Simulation generates a way of evaluating solutions but does not generate solutions themselves.
  • Simulation is not precise. It does not yield an answer but merely provides a set of the system’s responses to different operating conditions. In many cases, this lack of precision is difficult to measure.
  • It is a trial and error method that may produce different solutions in repeated runs.
  • The difficulty in finding the optimal values increases due to an increase in the number of parameters.

Simulation is a technique which describes a process by developing a model of that process, and then performing experiments on the model to predict the behaviour of the process over time. A simulation model is a simplified representation of real life situations, which allows the understanding and solution of a problem to be achieved by a trial and error approach. This chapter scanned a wide assortment of simulation models. We discussed typical examples from the area of queuing, inventory, etc. Every method has certain strengths and limitations. In the end of the chapter, we listed the limitations of simulation.

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