The Manager interface allows a manager working from any PC with a browser and intranet access to submit, monitor progress and view replies to payroll queries for their employees. The web based solution will enable the large organisation to maintain the system centrally without having to update the software on individual PCs across a number of sites.

The Payroll Personnel interface is the more complex of the three including the majority of the system functionality. A number of scripts are implemented as part of this interface. Whereas the Manager interface only allows the manager to view their own queries, the Payroll Personnel interface allows payroll personnel to view all queries submitted.

View and Reply View and reply to the query. When replying the cause must be selected.
View history View history of the query to see which other payroll personnel have viewed the query and added comments.
View and Add Comments View comments added to the query as well as add their own comments to the query.

The Payroll Manager interface is the less interactive of the three. Composed of a number of scripts using SQL queries to query the MySQL database presenting the results in both tabular and chart form. Defaulting to the current week, the interface allows the payroll manager to change the week on which they require statistics.

The statistics implemented include:
Summary The amount of queries processed by the payroll department
Submitted The amount of queries submitted by each manager.
Resolved The amount of queries resolved by each payroll personnel.
Cause Cause of resolved queries, split into three sections; a summary, by manager and by payroll personnel.
Nature Nature of queries submitted.

The new system has a number of security features implemented to ensure that unathorised personnel can not easily view or tamper with what may be confidential data. The new system only allows payroll personnel to reply to queries, view history and comments of a query and view all previously submitted queries. The new system also only allows the payroll manager to view the performance of each of the payroll personnel.



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