• Overview of the technologies used
  • Implementation Plan And Coding

Overview of the Technologies Used
The following technologies have been used in this project:

  • Java Development Kit
  • Java Servlet development Kit
  • Java Script
  • HTML
  • SQL
  • Web Server
  • JSERV Servlet Engine

Java: The Java programming language has been used to implement the dynamic features required in the project. It provides all the features necessary to implement the desired specifications. The main features of Java are listed below:
Object Oriented: It makes use of Object oriented concepts that is a compulsory feature of Java language. The main object oriented concepts are:

  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritanc
  • Polymorphism

Network Concepts
It provides support for network programming using the socket paradigm. This feature has been used to implement the CHAT Applet.

Database Connectivity
The JDBC drivers were used to connect to the database residing at a remote server. It provides all the required support for Database functions implemented in the project.

Java Servlet Development Kit
The servlet development kit is used to support to send the dynamic content to the clients. The version 2.0 of Java Servlet development kit has been used in the project. The JSERV was used during the development phase to execute servlets. Its used as a plug in to the web server that automatically refers to JSERV for all servlet requests.

Java Script
The Java script is the scripting language was used for client side validation at the time of submission of forms. It provides excellent features to validate the forms input and reduces the load on server for validation part. As a whole, validation is done on client side only. IE 5.0 & Netscape 5.0 and all later versions provide the support for Java script.

It is the query language for databases. It is used to retrieve information from databases. The creation of tables & execution of queries is done by the various SQL commands.

It is the main Web page building language. This is used to represent contents to the user. All the static & dynamic web pages for information are built in HTML.

This is a plug to the web server that serves as the servlet engine. It is used to execute the servlet/Java Server Pages(JSP) requests posted by clients and generate the dynamic contents for the web depending upon the situation.


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