Project Title

System Analysis and Design of a Travel Agency



The aim of the project was to develop a prototype to be used as the first stage in building a commercial website for travel company ABC Travel. The company requires a website that will appeal to their existing customer base. The website has to therefore try and satisfy different customer needs. Aside from the prototype, the objectives of this project were to summarise the current business, perform a feasibility study to assess if the website is feasible and enable the company to perform basic updates easily. An internal system was also build to enable ABC Travel to update the offers and the text in the commercial website.

As a result of fulfilling these objectives, the project is being used as a prototype that ABC Travel will base their future system on.



The problem

Due to airlines selling their tickets on the Internet directly to customers and the emergence of low cost airlines like Air Deccan and Spice jet, the commission received by travel agencies for each ticket is very low now. This fall in commission threatens the travel section of ABC greatly and could eventually cause them to go out of business completely. They therefore need a cost effective way of competing in the industry.


The Solution

Mr. X recognises that the technology for ABC Travel should be improved in the future. ABC therefore is adopting the turnaround strategy within the Strategic Importance Matrix. This also implies that they should adopt a leading edge strategy with regards to the Generic IS Strategies and consequently invest in new technology that will put them ahead of the rest of the travel industry. They should therefore implement an e-commerce website, as it is a high potential system. The website for ABC Travel should aim to fulfil all the customer desires to make a central portal and consequently have a strategic advantage over the rest of the travel industry. This therefore becomes a delicate project trying to fulfil everyone's requirements through one medium, the web.


Minimum Requirements

The minimum that must be produced to help solve this problem is a maintainable website that would
host the purchased online booking engines. My minimum requirements are to:

  • Summarise the current travel systems and business.
  • Perform a feasibility study of the new information system and the website.
  • Design and implement a basic pilot website to host an online booking system.
  • Enable the company to perform basic updates of the website easily.
  • Perform a basic evaluation of the new system.



There are three main deliverables: the external website for the public, which will host the booking engines; the internal system, which will be on the company's intranet and they will use to make updates; and the project documentation.


The Scope of the Project

ABC Group is undergoing many technological changes at present. The system was to be a prototype so as to enable ABC Group to have clear idea about how they want the website to look like, for Mr X is aware that any change in the original requirements is expensive when outsourcing. The content on the website was consequently for presentation purposes only, as the internal system would enable the company to provide any content they wished. The booking engines have not yet been bought so the website does not have the ability to book online. It was established that the booking engine would be treated as a `black box' during the development. The possibility of extending the project to embed the booking engines in the website was discussed briefiy. It was however not performed.


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