Solution Evaluation

As the main purpose of this project is to ascertain whether Moodle is capable of meeting the core requirements of LPS School, this chapter looks at the final solution compared to the core requirements highlighted in previous chapters. Each requirement is addressed in turn and evaluated as to whether it has been met, could be met under different circumstances or has failed to be met by the final installation.

Evaluation of Solution against Core Requirements

The system should only be accessible to valid students and staff.

By removing the guest access from the system, only students and teachers with a valid account and password can gain access to the content within the environment. As existing (and presumed secure) usernames and passwords are used, access is unlikely to be gained via guessing username/password combinations.




Login instructions should be given on the homepage.

Prior to the discovery of the login problem, simple instructions were provided on login screen. After the discovery of this problem, these instructions were improved to include details of the problem and the solution.

The system should use existing usernames and passwords.

Users were entered into the system using a comma separated file generated by the schools active directory server. This file contained the existing usernames and password.

The system should not allow students or teachers to change their passwords.

Via extensive modification, the ability to change passwords has been limited to administrators.

The system should be reliable.

Although the current system is usable and is indeed being used, there is a possibility that if and when the system is rolled out to more subjects and users across the school the database connectivity issue found during use of the chat functionality will surface during usage of the main system. The solution to this issue would be to either change the hosting of the system to a host that specifies Moodle support as one of their services at a significantly greater cost or to run the system from an internal web server within LPS School with a significantly greater workload for the technical staff.

The system should be secure due to the sensitive nature of the stored information.

By hosting via an external company, the system is somewhat dependant on their security. To counter this unknown, no information deemed sensitive has been included into the system. This includes personal photos, address and telephone numbers.

The system should be accessible via the existing school website.
The existing school website should be accessible via the system.

A link to the system has been added to the existing school website and a link to the website has been included in the system.



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