This chapter provides details of the key physical elements that play a part in the project, namely:

  • The school which the solution is to be developed for, LPS School and its existing systems.
  • The users that the solution will be developed around.
  • The software to be used to develop the solution, Moodle.

The School Environment

LPS School is a mixed comprehensive community school catering for over 5000 students between the ages of 5 and 18. The school has several branches and is situated in Delhi.

Technical staff

LPS School has no dedicated IT staff. Instead the role of IT / Network Administrator is taken on by the Head of ICT, Mrs Dhawan with the assistance of a part-time technician, Miss Sunita.




Teaching staff

LPS School provides the full range of subjects outlined by the national curriculum to all students. To facilitate the study of these subjects the school employs 150 fulltime staff, many of whom have other roles within the school such as Heads of Department.


As mentioned previously, the students at LPS School are between the ages of 5 and 18 and from a large geographically distributed area. Students at the school are well mannered and very positive towards teaching and learning within the school.

Teaching Styles present at LPS School

Teaching at LPS School is carried out via a mixture of Indirect Instruction and Social Constructivist methods. Teachers use in-class exercises and homework to help students develop their own ideas and stimulate thinking. Teachers use probing questions to challenge students views and homework is used as a way of extending and reinforcing work begun in class.

Teachers of many subjects at LPS School openly encourage debate and the questioning of knowledge, which are paramount for the development of social constructivist learning.

School Website

LPS School has an external website ( ) which is used to provide parents of potential students with information such as the School Prospectus, parents of existing students with information such as the School Calendar, and existing students with details of the subjects and important course materials. It is important to note that although the website is structured in a way as to allow each subject to provide its own resources, currently ICT is the only subject that has done this.



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