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Private Sub cmdCircle_Click()
   shpSample.Shape = 3
End Sub

Private Sub cmdOval_Click()
   shpSample.Shape = 2
End Sub

Private Sub cmdRectangle_Click()
   shpSample.Shape = 0
End Sub

Private Sub cmdRoundedRec_Click()
   shpSample.Shape = 4
End Sub

Private Sub cmdRoundedSqr_Click()
   shpSample.Shape = 5
End Sub

Private Sub cmdSquare_Click()
   shpSample.Shape = 1
End Sub

Run the application and click the command buttons. When you click a command button, the shape of the shape control changes.

Play Sound

In this chapter, you were introduced to the graphical controls. The line and the shape control enable you to accent your application with lines and shapes. Moreover, you learned about the picture box and the Image controls.


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