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Declaring Arrays

An array must be declared, since it is a type of variable. You use the Public or Dim statement to declare arrays just as you would use them for declaring individual variables. You can create an array of any data type, so dataType can be integer, Double, etc. An array containing five elements, all of which are integers, can be declared as follows:

Dim intValues(5) as Integer
Dim intValues(1 To 5) as Integer

Both the above statements are equivalent. An array name must be chosen according to the same rules used for naming other variables. The name of the array cannot be the same as that of any other variable declared within the function.

Play Sound All the elements of an array are of the same type.

You can specify the starting and ending subscripts values. Consider the following declaration:

Dim intValues (50 To 100) As Integer

With the above declaration, if you try to access intValues (10), VB would generate an error because subscripts don't begin until 50.

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