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The MBA Question Papers presented in this section may be useful for students of management programme(MBA, PGDBM, etc).
MS- 01 Management Functions and Behaviour (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 02 Management of Human Resources (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 03 Economic and Social Environment (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 05 Management of Machines and Materials (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 06 Marketing for Managers (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 07 Information Systems for Managers (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 09 Managerial Economics (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 10 Organisational Design, Development and Change (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 11 Strategic Management (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 91 Advanced Strategic Management (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 92 Management Of Public Enterprises (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 93 Management of Small and New Enterprises (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 94 Technology Management (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 95 Research Methodology for Management Decisions (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 96 Total Quality Management (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 97 International Business (NEW WINDOW)

MBA- Human Resource Management
MS- 21 Social Processes and Behavioural Issues (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 22 Human Resource Development (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 23 Human Resource Planning (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 24 Employment Relations (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 25 Managing Change In Organizations (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 26 Organisational Dynamics (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 27 Wage and Salary Administration (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 28 Labour Laws (NEW WINDOW)

MBA- Finance
MS- 45 International Financial Management (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 46 Management of Financial Services (NEW WINDOW)

MBA- Operations Management
MS- 52 Project Management (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 53 Production and Operation Management (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 54 Management of Information Systems (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 56 Materials Management (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 58 Management of R&D and Innovation (NEW WINDOW)

MBA- Marketing
MS- 62 Sales Management (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 63 Product Management (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 64 International Marketing (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 65 Marketing of Services (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 68 Management Of Marketing Communication And Advertising (NEW WINDOW)
MS- 611 Rural Marketing (NEW WINDOW)

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