Feasibility Study

It is necessary to evaluate the feasibility of a project otherwise months or years, & thousands or millions of dollars can be lost if a bad system is developed.

Technical Feasibility
Alert messages can be send at any specified time to the customer using services of: SMS, E-mail, & Pager. In case the message is not delivered to the customer, the system will retry for specified number of times after specified interval. The SMS message of 160 character can be sent.

Operational Feasibility
Our application will take information of transaction from Bank or financial organization and notify the customer. It is an efficient way to send sensitive/confidential information in a cost-effective manner. The application depends on the information provided by the Bank or financial organization, so it doesn't require any major changes in organization structure and skills of the staff.

Economical Feasibility
It judges the ultimate income or benefits derived from the developed product against the development cost. This product is economically feasible because the development cost is feasible according to the revenue/benefits generated after the implementation of the messaging system.

Cost Saving Benefits
The main objective of this product is to provide the customer with the instant information in the most efficient and economical way. The services used for the message transmission like SMS, Pager and E-mail are far more efficient & economical as compared to conventional postal departments or couriers. Thus it helps in reducing the overcall costs.

Improved Service Level Benefits
This software helps in improving the service level. Our project sends messages using SMS, E-mail, & Pager, which are highly reliable, instant, and cost-effective.

Social Feasibility
The objective our project is to provide alert messages or correct information at right time. Its social feasibility is very high with only constraints that user should equip himself with new technology of cell phones, pager and emails which are now available at low cost.

Management Feasibility
The management is always interested in the system that can provide more efficiency at a lower cost. Our system is made for organizations that constantly want to keep their customers updated with the transaction results.

Time Feasibility
Will the project's time to market beat the competition?

Legal Feasibility
Legal feasibility is the determination of any infringement, violation, or the liability that could result from the development of the system. The Alert Messaging system is the integration and customization of the services like SMS, paging, & e-mail that are already being used in the business and are legally approved. Hence our system is legally feasible.


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