Software Engineering Paradigm

In this project, we have applied the Component Based Development Model.
Component Based Development: The object-oriented paradigm emphasizes the creation of classes that encapsulate both data and the algorithm used to manipulate the data. The component-based development model incorporates many of the characteristics of the spiral model.

The engineering activity begins with the identification of candidate classes. This is accomplished by examining the data to be manipulated by the application and the algorithms that will be applied to accomplish the manipulation. Corresponding data and algorithms are packaged into a class.

The component-based development model leads to software reuse.


System Requirement Specification

The Alert messaging system is the innovation towards integrating the services like SMS, e-mail, & paging that are already being used for communication purposes. The integrated Alert messaging system thus allows for sending alert messages to consumers instantly, efficiently, and economically.

Overall Description
This software is based on the day-to-day transaction details between user and organization. The transaction details are stored on the server within the organization. The AMS (Alert messaging System) uses this information to generate alerts. For transmission of messages our software uses e-mail, SMS, & Pager. The service used depends on the options selected by the customer.

The Alert messaging System consists of a main server on which the following programs are loaded:

  • Load Balancer Program: Used for balancing the overall load on the Alert Messaging System.
  • E-mail Server: Used for sending e-mails to customers.
  • SMS Server: Used for sending SMS to Cell phone users.
  • Pager Server: For transmission of messages to pagers.

The main server interacts with Database server of the organization to get the transaction details.

The client machines are connected to main machine on which program for transmitting the alert message is running. Each of these client machines has three ports:

  • P1 for pager transmission
  • P2 for e-mail transmission
  • P3 for SMS

The client machines then actually transmits the alerts to the customers.


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