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The Drawing Controls

The toolbox includes these two drawing tools:

  • Line control: Draws straight lines between two points you specify.
  • Shape control: Draws different shapes based on the criteria you specify in the property value.

The Line Control

This control is very useful as it can be used to underline and highlight important text. If you double click the line control, VB places a line in the center of your form with two sizing handles. Following are some important properties of the line control:

  • BorderColor: It determines the line's color.
  • BorderStyle: It determines the line's format (transparent, solid, dashed, etc.)
  • BorderWidth: It determines the line's width in points.
  • X1, Y1, X2, Y2: Determine the line's starting & ending coordinates.
Play Sound The BorderWidth property must be 1 for the BorderStyle to show up on your line.
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