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The Shape Control

The line control can be used to draw lines only, the shape control draws several shapes. The shape property determines the shape. Following are the values for the shape property:

  • 0 - Rectangle
  • 1 - Square
  • 2 - Oval
  • 3 - Circle
  • 4 - Rounded Rectangle
  • 5 - Rounded Square

The following table lists some more important properties of the shape control:

Property Description

Returns or sets a value indicating whether the background of a Shape control is transparent or opaque.

BorderColor The shape's border color.
BorderStyle Returns or sets a value indicating the style of the border.
BorderWidth The width of the shape's border in twips.
FillColor The color of the fill pattern (specified by the FillStyle property).
FillStyle Determines the shape's interior pattern.

Play Sound Neither the Shape control nor the Line control support event processing.
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