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Shape & Line Control: Example

Follow the following steps to create an application that uses the Shape and the Line control:

  • Create a new application.
  • Place six command buttons, one shape control, one label control, and draw one line.
  • Add the code provided below to your application

Your application should look like the one shown in the following figure:

The source code needed for this example is stored in the
"Source Code\Chapter11\Shapes" directory available in the CD. To open the project double click the "Shapes.vbp" file.

Set the following properties

Control Property Value






Label Alignment Center
Label Caption Shapes
Shape Name shpSample
Shape FillStyle Solid
Command Button 1 Name cmdRectangle
Command Button 1 Caption Rectangle
Command Button 2 Name cmdSquare
Command Button 2 Caption Square
Command Button 3 Name cmdOval
Command Button 3 Caption Oval
Command Button 4 Name cmdCircle
Command Button 4 Caption Circle
Command Button 5 Name cmdRoundedRec
Command Button 5 Caption Rounded Rectangle
Command Button 6 Name cmdRoundedSqr
Command Button 6 Caption Rounded Square


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